Playlists in Books

Mpepper/ February 15, 2024/ Think Pieces, Writing

Because this subject has blown up recently, and I have feelings about it. I’ve never read a book with a playlist printed in it. I doubt I read the kinds of books and/or authors that would feel compelled to include a playlist. So… yeah. There’s something somewhat juvenile about that, something that (to me) screams “newbie author.” High school mix

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The Tropification of Book Marketing

Mpepper/ January 15, 2024/ Think Pieces

A year or so ago, I was encourage to make an “arrow chart” of each of my books. If you’re an author or reader, you know what this is: an image (often animatic) showing the book with a bunch of arrows describing the tropes in the story. I suck at this kind of thing, but I tried. (The animatic one

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Mpepper/ November 30, 2023/ Uncategorized

I was filling out a form that asked about diversity, and… It felt like the form was asking me to out myself in some way(s). Which isn’t cool. I live a really heteronormative life on the outside, and I don’t think I should be required to talk about private things in order to tick a box. I write diverse books…

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Gatekeeping Criticism

Mpepper/ October 27, 2023/ Think Pieces

Not all opinions are made equal. Everyone is entitled to one, of course, and now that pretty much everyone in the world has a public platform via social media, everyone is able to broadcast their opinions to the populace. In many ways, this is a good thing. Hearing various points of view, getting different “readings” on a text (as we

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On the Internet, You’re Replaceable

Mpepper/ September 22, 2023/ Think Pieces

There’s a semi-popular mode of thought that floats around fairly regularly as a social media post. Basically, it’s a reminder that your job will replace you if you die, so you shouldn’t live for your job because it doesn’t really care about you. The same is true of social media. No one will miss you if you leave. We like

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Catch Me Outside (This Site)

Mpepper/ September 21, 2023/ Uncategorized

I don’t have a Linktree or whatever. I probably should. It would be a lot easier to point everyone to something like that. But for now, this post will have to do. If you want to find me online, my Contact M page (at the top of this site) has that info, too. But if you want to buy my

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Social Engagement

Mpepper/ September 19, 2023/ Think Pieces

Being ignored wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to you as a kid. It was, one supposes, better than being actively bullied. But with the rise of social media and the emphasis on engagement, being ignored can feel like being buried alive. As I work through a few personal issues, I’ve come to realize that feeling like an outcast—something

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2023 Reading Bingo

Mpepper/ January 1, 2023/ Uncategorized

As promised in my most recent YouTube video, here is the bingo card for this year’s reading challenge:

Unpopular Opinion

Mpepper/ September 19, 2022/ Think Pieces, Writing

One of many, to be sure. But I have to admit, I’m struggling. I love me some Stranger Things, so much so that I wrote a story loosely based on Steve and Eddie (#steddie) that has since become my most popular work. (The sequel is due out in November, so go pre-order “One Night in Wyland High.”) All this to

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Why I Don’t Read Reviews*

Mpepper/ April 21, 2021/ Think Pieces

*Of my books, anyway Once, while at a writing conference, I heard author Charlene Harris say: “Never read your reviews. That is a poisonous pit.” And I agree. Over time I’ve learned that, if I read a good review of one of my books, I’m happy for a little while. But if I read a bad one, it stays with

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