On the Internet, You’re Replaceable

Mpepper/ September 22, 2023/ Think Pieces/ 0 comments

There’s a semi-popular mode of thought that floats around fairly regularly as a social media post. Basically, it’s a reminder that your job will replace you if you die, so you shouldn’t live for your job because it doesn’t really care about you. The same is true of social media. No one will miss you if you leave. We like

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Catch Me Outside (This Site)

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I don’t have a Linktree or whatever. I probably should. It would be a lot easier to point everyone to something like that. But for now, this post will have to do. If you want to find me online, my Contact M page (at the top of this site) has that info, too. But if you want to buy my

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Social Engagement

Mpepper/ September 19, 2023/ Think Pieces/ 0 comments

Being ignored wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to you as a kid. It was, one supposes, better than being actively bullied. But with the rise of social media and the emphasis on engagement, being ignored can feel like being buried alive. As I work through a few personal issues, I’ve come to realize that feeling like an outcast—something

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ICYMI: Radio Interview about TSC

Mpepper/ September 17, 2023/ Announcements, Interviews/ 0 comments

This has been on my In the Media page for a while, but I realized I never posted about it in the blog, so here it is. I did a little radio interview with The Authors Show about The Switchgrass Crown. So if you’re at all curious about that book, or my work in general, please check it out. BTW,

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Reading Update

Mpepper/ September 16, 2023/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

So close! I am so close to completing my reading bingo board for 2023! I just need a rom-com and I’m done! Luckily, I went to the library today and grabbed Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade, which has been on my list (see below) for a while now. Glad to finally have a chance to read it. My Goodreads challenge

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It’s Official

Mpepper/ September 15, 2023/ Announcements, Writing/ 0 comments

I’ve stopped writing. I’ve felt this way before, but never quite so much this way as I do now. And after some bad news this morning, it felt like confirmation that it’s time for me to stop. When I look at my list of accomplishments, I’m grateful for each of them. At the same time, I no longer seem to

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Misophonia, Phonophobia & Earplugs

Mpepper/ September 11, 2023/ Reviews/ 0 comments

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with misophonia and phonophobia. Misophonia is “a disorder in which certain sounds trigger physiological responses that some might perceive as unreasonable given the circumstances” (WebMD). Phonophobia is “a persistent, abnormal, unwarranted fear of sounds” (NIH). These are not uncommon diagnoses for autistic people like me. Anyway, I was referred to a therapist

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Not All Media Is for All Audiences

Mpepper/ September 7, 2023/ Think Pieces

This feels like a basic concept, but based on continuing social media arguments, it seems to bear repeating. Creators—writers, artists, etc.—are told many times over to “consider their audience” when creating a work. “Who is this for?” is the standing question. Sometimes, it’s just for the creator. In any case, it should always be for the creator… and then, ideally,

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Books I’ve Tried but Failed to Read

Mpepper/ September 4, 2023/ Uncategorized

Lately, I’ve struggled to find books that hold my interest. Some of that is definitely on me; I’ve been having a rough time, and sitting down and focusing on a book has been incredibly difficult. And yet I have read a few books that I enjoyed (check my YouTube channel for those). So it can be done. Still, the wins

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2023 So Far, By the Numbers

Mpepper/ September 1, 2023/ Writing

Two thirds of the year are done, which feels like a fair benchmark for stopping to examine how this year has gone for me in terms of sales and page reads. Though, to be clear, I have to say that these numbers will only include Amazon (ebooks) and Ingram (print sales). I am slowly rolling content out to other sites

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