On the Internet, You’re Replaceable

Mpepper/ September 22, 2023/ Think Pieces

There’s a semi-popular mode of thought that floats around fairly regularly as a social media post. Basically, it’s a reminder that your job will replace you if you die, so you shouldn’t live for your job because it doesn’t really care about you.

The same is true of social media.

No one will miss you if you leave.

We like to believe others will notice. That they will feel our absence. Maybe even go looking for us to check up on us. But the truth is, in a sea of voices, yours is easily replaced.

Now and then someone posts about “shouting into the void” on social media. And yeah. But really, you’re shouting into an already loud room. Only those standing closest will hear you, and even if they do, they may or may not answer.

Anyone who takes a media break will tell you they lose followers if they’re gone for more than a few days. That is how quickly many will drop you if you don’t provide content and/or entertainment regularly.

The internet moves on. And while I don’t want to undercut anyone who gets a fair amount of socialization and connection from these media spaces, just remember that you’re easily overlooked and forgotten. Even by those who like you and those you like in return. Don’t pin too much significance to these relationships; they seldom withstand any rigorous testing.

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