Published Works

  • Nights & Days with Drew & Rayze (Drayze Collection) (As Amanda Innes, December 2023)
  • One Day of Sun & Sugar (Drew & Rayze #4)” (as Amanda Innes, April 2023)
  • One Night in Wyland High (Drew & Rayze #3)” (as Amanda Innes, February 2023)
    NOMINEE: Best Overall Novella, Best Romantic Relationship – Queer Indie Awards 2023
  • One Day at Middleview Mall (Drew & Rayze #2)” (as Amanda Innes, December 2022)
  • The Switchgrass Crown (as Amanda Innes, December 2022)
    WINNER: 2nd Place, YA LGBTQ+ & 3rd Place, YA Legends, Myths, Fables – BookFest Awards, Spring 2023
    SEMI-FINALIST: Book Bloggers’ Novel of the Year Awards 2023
  • The New Sherlock Holmes Adventures: Four Stories (re-release, October 2022)
  • One Night in Wildcat Woods (Drew & Rayze #1)” (as Amanda Innes, August 2022)
  • The Ghosts of Marshley Park (as Amanda Innes, October 2021)
    WINNER: 1st Place, YA Ghosts & Mystery & Thrillers – BookFest Awards, Spring 2022
  • Lost Pieces & Things with No Place (June 2021)
  • The K-Pro (re-release, June 2020)
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (re-release, January 2020)
    Was considered for the Stonewall Book Award
  • Origami of the Heart” (East of the Web, December 2019)
  • “The Zodiac Clock” (December 2018)
  • Faebourne (October 2018)
  • Brynnde (audiobook, June 2018)
  • “A Good Washing and One Nice Dress” in Fairy Tales and Folktales Re-imagined (Between the Lines Publishing, November 2017)
  • “Professor Moriarty and the Demented Detective” (November 2017)
  • The New Sherlock Holmes Adventures (audiobook, May 2017)
  • Brynnde (February 2017)
  • Changers: Manifesting Destiny (Evernight Teen, August 2016)
  • Aptera” in Aurora Wolf (June 2016)
  • The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (Tirgearr Publishing, January 2016)
  • “Sherlock Holmes and the Monumental Horror” (July 2015)
  • The K-Pro (March 2013)
  • The World Ends at Five and Other Stories, 2nd Edition (November 2012)
  • “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Ichabod Reed” (September 2012)
  • “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Last Line” (July 2012)
  • St. Peter in Chains (June 2012)
  • The World Ends at Five and Other Stories (2008)
  • “A.B.C.” in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine (Fall 2004)
  • “There Was an Old Woman…” in Rosebud Magazine (April 2004)
  • “Haiku 101” in The Aurorean (March 2004)
  • “A Day in the Life of a Moderately Successful Writer” and “The Snake” in Dingbat #4 (Emerson College, 2000)

*Except for short stories published online, links are for Amazon U.S.

Produced Works (Theatre)

“Warm Bodies”

  • Finalist, 3rd Annual LabWorks, Valley Repertory Theatre, Enfield, CT (Feb 2012)
  • Source Festival, Washington D.C. (June 2012)

Produced Works (Film)

Adverse Possession, a short film based on the play “Warm Bodies” (Lavender/Hassan, 2014)

  • Premiered at San Diego Fall Film Festival (November 2015)


20 August

  • Semifinalist, Film Empire Fempire Screenwriting Contest (2018)
  • Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival (2014)
  • Quarterfinalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition (2013)
               Nominee, Best Role Written for a Leading Man
  • Semifinalist, Silent River Film Festival (2013)
  • Quarterfinalist, Creative World Awards (2013)

St. Peter in Chains (based on the novella)

  • Winner, Table Read My Screenplay (2013)
    Script was given a professional table read at Sundance Film Festival (audio available)
  • Semifinalist, Richmond International Film Festival (2014)
  • Preliminary Finalist, Creative World Awards (2013)

Hunting Victor Frankenstein

  • Semifinalist, Creative World Awards (2017)
  • Quarterfinalist, Stage 32 Happy Writers TV Writing Contest (2014)

Running Blind (formerly The Blonde Leading the Blind), co-written with Stan Bradbury

  • Finalist, Creative World Awards (2014)

Beautiful Monster, co-written with Ty Mapp

Related Experience

  • Intern, 20th Century Fox/Lynda Obst Productions
  • Participant, Shakespeare at Winedale
  • Production Coordinator, Houghton Mifflin (2001-2003)
  • Developmental Editor, Pearson (2003-2006)
  • Instructor in Shakespeare, Mythology, and Creative Writing, College for Kids

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