d’Durandios, Teuchtia d’Teuchos

  1. Tia, tramen Tithendion, bran senitpette bela
  2. bak no stamen palva bak no sta’ayn palva
  3. bak no divosmen noe tiya barmbos d’kan’nadadinal adno tana senitana ninana
  4. bak noe divosmen d’atant, tae ayris ninatat d’barmbos d’kan’nadadinal
  5. wrain ninatat kanayva wro no kansenidivosmen
  6. bak no divosmen taebarna d’barna’aena d’nint no framen bak divodgamen AElit
  7. bak no divosmen palsenit: starnt bak schlart bak ristat bak tynos bak tynara bak palsenitva
  8. wrain senit kanayva wro no kansenidivosmen
  9. bak Tithendion litaenoe kanadramen bak sl’menseni Durandios
  10. bak Durandios va wro nostava
  11. bak Tithendion nocrenmen, “divos palserit va, nie ninatat bak nie paltiya”
  12. Durandios senidivosmen bak Tithendion nocrenmen, “adrava d’palbarna bak senit nidivosmen d’barna d’nint”
  13. Durandios deptmen Argyros bak pardapettemen d’barna sl’menseni Amarantos wro onova kansenitriktmen
  14. bak agda no pardapettemen verdana, senistamen verd’va bak agda no miknost’triktmen aymensenitgran
  15. bak Durandios kanadramen palstarnt bak senitadramenva, bak palsenit va, bak tynos Andrasthenes bak tynara Kalothrixede
  1. First, there was Tithendion, who sets all things in their places
  2. And He always was and He always will be
  3. And He created for Himself a city of silver where He sits on His throne
  4. And He created servants, great winged [angels] of silver
  5. But the angels did not have Life for He had not created It
  6. And He made a great world from the dust of the universe that He caught and shaped into AElit
  7. And He created all things: animals and plants and birds and man and woman and all things living
  8. But these things did not have Life because He had not created It
  9. And Tithendion a piece of Himself took and called it Durandios
  10. And Durandios lives for he is Life
  11. And Tithendion told him, “Make all things living, my [angels] and my city”
  12. Durandios did this and Tithendion told him, “Give life to all the land and the things I’ve made from the dust of the universe”
  13. Durandios left Argyros and set foot in the land that was called Amarantos because death had not touched it
  14. And when he set foot on the grass, it became green with life and when he touched the trees they had fruit
  15. And Durandios took the animals and gave them life, and all things life, and the man Andrasthenes and the woman Kalothrixede