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Mpepper/ September 21, 2023/ Uncategorized

I don’t have a Linktree or whatever. I probably should. It would be a lot easier to point everyone to something like that. But for now, this post will have to do. If you want to find me online, my Contact M page (at the top of this site) has that info, too. But if you want to buy my books, I can hook you up right here.

Buy Amanda Innes Books from Indie Bookstores:

Buy Amanda Innes Books on Amazon (US):

Buy M Pepper Langlinais Books from Indie Bookstores:

Buy M Pepper Langlinais Books from Amazon (US):

Amanda Innes on Smashwords:

M Pepper Langlinais isn’t up on Smashwords yet. But any bookstore is able to order paperback versions of my books via Ingram, so if you have a local favorite bookstore, feel free to request my stuff! (If it’s within driving distance, I’ll even visit. Or promise to stay away, whichever the bookstore would prefer. I also do Zoom book club meetings.) Likewise, though I have the US Amazon links here, any Amazon affiliate should have my books available.

As for social media, I’m in all the usual places: X (Twitter), YouTube, TikTok, Insta, Threads, and Bluesky. (Note that my Insta profile is private; feel free to request to follow me, and so long as you don’t seem to be a creep, I’ll probably let you.) You can find direct links on my Contact page, or just search for MPL Books on most of these sites, though I’m Amanda_Innes on TikTok.

And last but certainly not least, you are always welcome to interact here via the comments. This site doesn’t get much traffic, but I’m working on posting more regularly and definitely check any comments I do receive. Thanks to everyone who does comment and interact with me, whether here or elsewhere; I love hearing from people.

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