2022 in Review: Writing

Mpepper/ December 9, 2022/ Flashbacks, Writing

Although the year is not quite over, it’s about time to start wrapping things up and examining what worked, what didn’t, and how to move forward. I intend to do this in bits and pieces by looking at different aspects of my life through the year. Naturally, I’ll start with my writing. Releases It’s difficult to believe I actually started

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Working Through It

Mpepper/ September 26, 2021/ Think Pieces

This is just a story in which I try to make sense of, or come to terms with, yet another disappointment. Late last year into early this year, I was querying agents with THE GHOSTS OF MARSHLEY PARK. I got such great feedback, and yet… ultimately, no one took it. Most of the feedback boiled down to: This is great,

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Pre-Order The Ghosts of Marshley Park!

Mpepper/ September 9, 2021/ Announcements

Coming October 19! If you want to get the book on the day it comes out, pre-order now from your favorite indie bookstore! (Ebook available exclusively through Amazon Kindle—including via Unlimited!)