My Tarot Decks

Mpepper/ January 14, 2021/ Lists

This is random, but I felt like sharing. I collect tarot decks. And yes, I know how to use them. I have friends who call or text when they want me to pull some cards, or they ask me to come over with my cards sometimes. Anyway, I keep a catalogue of all the decks I own. I don’t have

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Looking to 2021

Mpepper/ December 27, 2020/ Lists

I think we can all agree 2020 was a disappointment. I had so many plans: my reunion with Shakespeare at Winedale, a trip to Japan… We were supposed to host Japanese exchange students, too. None of that happened. (Well, the reunion was online, but it’s not nearly the same as being back on the Winedale stage.) We missed out on

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Books: My Favorite Series

Mpepper/ September 4, 2020/ Lists

Authors often get asked what some of their favorite series are. I guess maybe people think that, if they like the same books as a particular author, they might also like books by that author? I don’t really know. Maybe people think that authors must know which books are good because we know about books in general. The thing is,

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