Books I’ve Tried but Failed to Read

Mpepper/ September 4, 2023/ Uncategorized

Lately, I’ve struggled to find books that hold my interest. Some of that is definitely on me; I’ve been having a rough time, and sitting down and focusing on a book has been incredibly difficult. And yet I have read a few books that I enjoyed (check my YouTube channel for those). So it can be done.

Still, the wins are fewer than the losses. Here, then, are some books I’ve picked up and put back down. Most of them are books I do plan to return to. They weren’t bad, just weren’t fitting my mood.

The Queen of the Damned – Anne Rice

I started re-reading this one after doing a re-read of The Vampire Lestat last year, and… I couldn’t do it. I remember loving this book as a teen, but… I do still hope to continue my re-read of the Chronicles, though.

Devil House – John Darnielle

If you watch my YouTube channel, you’ve seen me mention this one a couple times. I was enjoying it until I hit the second part, which explores a completely different story than the one I came to the book for. Can I skip this part? I don’t know, but the result has been my coming to a screeching halt in reading the book. I do want to finish it, though, someday…

Razorblade Tears – S. A. Cosby

I was so excited to pick this book up; I’ve heard such wonderful things about it. But, though it’s fast paced and solidly written, I was having trouble connecting to the main characters. I’ve since handed it to my husband, and I’ll come back to it eventually.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – Gabrielle Zevin

I had this one from my library and even kept it three weeks past its return date, but although I was enjoying it, I couldn’t read it fast enough to rationalize holding it any longer. It’s densely written, which means it will take me a long time to get through. I should probably try and find a copy at the used-book store.

The Spite House – Johnny Compton

Another one from the library that I couldn’t read fast enough before having to return it. This one isn’t even very long, but though I did like the writing style and story, I wasn’t feeling it enough to pick it up often. Definitely had a Stephen King vibe, and I plan to try it again in the future.

The Witch Elm – Tana French

Was so excited about this book because I love Tana French’s work, but when I picked it up, I hated the main character and didn’t get more than 30 pages before dropping it. This is one I probably won’t bother trying again.

False Value – Ben Aaronovitch

I think maybe I’m just finally done with the Peter Grant series. I enjoyed it so much early on, but with each successive book, I care less and less to the point that I can’t keep track of all the characters anymore. It was fun while it lasted, and there’s still that tiny chance I’ll go back to it someday. Really, though, I just want them to make a television show.

So, what am I reading? Well, I’ve finally picked up Enola Holmes #4, and I have The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen (K.J. Charles) and The Library of the Dead (T. L. Huchu) from the library. I also have I’m Glad My Mom Died waiting. Let’s see if any of these hold me, eh?

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