Falcon and Winter Soldier Improv

Mpepper/ June 13, 2021/ Writing

We did a family improv night and one of the prompts was: Sam, Bucky and Zemo waiting in line for a roller coaster. The kids are still getting the hang of improv, so they weren’t able to take the scene very far. I, on the other hand, may have gone beyond… I ended up sending my daughter a series of texts that I’ve reproduced here.

ZEMO: James, will you please hold my hand? This roller coaster looks frightening.


SAM: I’m gonna just fly over it…

BUCKY: How is that fun?

ZEMO: How is riding it fun?

BUCKY: It won’t be, with you. Let go of my hand.

ZEMO: It’s better if I hold the other one?

BUCKY: Sure, if you want me to crush your hand.

SAM: I’m out.

BUCKY: Don’t leave me with him!

SAM: I’m gonna get a sno-cone

ZEMO: I would like cherry.

BUCKY: No one asked you.

ZEMO looks pained.

SAM: It’s fine, what flavor do you want?

BUCKY: …Grape.

SAM: Be right back.

***minutes later***

SAM returns.

BUCKY: What flavor is that?

SAM: Bubble gum. You want a bite?

BUCKY: Yeah.

ZEMO: Try my cherry.

BUCKY: I’m not going to try your cherry.

SAM: Be nice, man, it’s his first amusement park.

ZEMO: See, James? You should hold my hand.

BUCKY: What, like you’re five?

SAM: You’re both acting like children.

BUCKY: Says the man too afraid to ride the roller coaster.

SAM: I just got you a sno-cone.

ZEMO: Show him some respect, James.

BUCKY: I’m about to show you some respect with my fist. Which is the only way you’re going to feel my hand.

ZEMO: Can I at least taste your grape?

BUCKY and SAM: No!


BUCKY: You really did just fly over the track.

SAM: There wasn’t enough room for three across and I didn’t want to sit alone.

BUCKY: They’d put someone next to you.

SAM: How is that better?

ZEMO: What is “funnel cake”?

SAM: We’re going to eat our way through this entire park…


ZEMO: But no Turkish delight…

SAM: That’s not a regular thing most places.

ZEMO: How unfortunate. (beat) This salt-water taffy is almost as good.

BUCKY: Here, have a few more. No, more than that—

SAM: Wh-why are you force feeding him taffy, now?

BUCKY: I’m hoping it’ll glue his jaws shut.

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