Pre-Order The Ghosts of Marshley Park!

Mpepper/ September 9, 2021/ Announcements

Coming October 19! If you want to get the book on the day it comes out, pre-order now from your favorite indie bookstore! (Ebook available exclusively through Amazon Kindle—including via Unlimited!)

Is It YA?

Mpepper/ September 7, 2021/ Writing, Writing Advice

I get a lot of questions about age categories for books. It seems the lines have become somewhat blurred as more and more adults pick up young adult, and even middle grade, novels. So many writers think that, based on their characters’ ages, their book must be x, y, or z. But character age is not the only—or even the

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Books: Any Way the Wind Blows (Simon Snow #3) by Rainbow Rowell

Mpepper/ July 19, 2021/ Reviews

I wrote a short review on Goodreads immediately after finishing this book. Then, a few hours later, I filmed a video review that rambles a bit. So here I’m going to attempt to organize my thoughts a little more coherently. For context, let me begin by saying I adore Carry On and like Wayward Son. Though the second book was,

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Books: We Contain Multitudes by Sarah Henstra

Mpepper/ May 19, 2021/ Reviews

I didn’t like it, then I did, then I didn’t again. The set-up: high school sophomore Jonathan Hopkirk (“Jo,” age 15 at the start of the book but 16 by the end of it) and repeat senior Adam “Kurl” Kurlansky (18) are assigned by their English Lit teacher to write letters to one another. Jo idolizes Walt Whitman, dresses in

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