Movies: Mulan (2020)

Mpepper/ September 5, 2020/ Reviews

So this was… okay, I guess. I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe something epic. It wasn’t that. It was just kinda fine. It starts well enough, with a young Mulan showing off her chi as she chases a chicken through her village. Here is a girl with the energy, power, and abilities that have been traditionally reserved for

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Movies: Palm Springs

Mpepper/ July 25, 2020/ Reviews

This… was part Groundhog Day, part Hangover, and pretty much all stupid. So if you like that kind of thing… Andy Samberg stars as Nyles, a man who has been living the same day repeatedly for longer than he can remember. That day includes the wedding of his girlfriend’s bf Tala, an event Nyles isn’t terribly interested in, maybe because

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Movies: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Mpepper/ June 30, 2020/ Reviews

If you’ve seen Blades of Glory and you liked it, this is probably the movie for you. Honestly, I expected something more like Documentary Now! or This is Spinal Tap, but this does not have the mockumentary style in that it doesn’t pretend to be following things as they unfold, nor does it interview characters, etc. It is, in fact,

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