Meet Amaurodios

Mpepper/ November 2, 2023/ Announcements

The central character of my current (which is also very old) WIP! Amaurodios voluntarily leaves the heavenly realm of Argyros in order to follow Seladion. Alas, Am turns out to be not terribly well equipped to exist in the world… He is the Aziraphale to Sel’s Crowley, the Louis to Sel’s Lestat. Am has a kind, if naive, heart, and a childlike curiosity. Many thanks to the incredibly skilled Jess Nagel (colorful.and.wild on Insta) for realizing Amaurodios in this art! And if you’re curious about the backstory of Amaurodios, Seladion, and AElit, you can start with this PDF.

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