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Mpepper/ October 14, 2022/ Reviews

All right, it seems only fair to update my thoughts after having watched two more episodes of Interview with the Vampire. I very much appreciate that Lestat’s true character is being slowly revealed. OR… it could be that he is trying and failing to change. That much is not entirely clear, but I suppose that’s kind of the point.

I also appreciate that the show attempts to explain the differences between Louis’ attitude in the book versus this current incarnation. They play it off as Daniel pointing out that, when he interviewed Louis in the 1970s, Louis did not have such a romanticized view of Lestat. (Even going so far as to pull quotes directly from the source material.) We are meant to understand that (a) vampires’ memories are not infallible, and (b) additional time and distance—and healing, perhaps—have given Louis a different perspective. In truth, it probably would depend on the day. After all, anyone can look back at a time or moment in their lives and think it was the best of times, and then on another day think it was terrible. And relationships really are that complicated. “I loved him,” “we were toxic,” and “I learned a lot about who I am and what I want out of life and love” can all be true.

Still, I sigh a little at the imminent introduction of Claudia. She will likely be aged up, in part to mitigate potential distaste from the viewers, and largely for production reasons. I cannot say why, exactly, I fear the show will fumble this story line, but I do harbor a bit of dread—and not the good kind. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

In all, I will say these two episodes were better than the first, and I am enjoying the overall build of the characters. (I am also wondering if the show will stick with the literary fact that Lestat never learned to read.* Was he fibbing when “reading” that paper? It felt like he was.)

LOUIS: What do you mean, you can’t read?

LESTAT: I… [shrug]

LOUIS: You mean you can’t read English?

LESTAT: [sigh] I look at things and understand their meaning, their intent. I do not need to read. In any language.

LOUIS: But… for pleasure? Entertainment?

LESTAT: There are many ways to be pleased and entertained that do not involve words, Louis.

Can’t say I relate, Lestat, but you do you.

* IIRC—and it has been a looooong time—Lestat can look at books and absorb or glean the information without reading them. But I distinctly remember him saying he only learned to read a few prayers and to write his name for the year or so he was at school.

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