RIP Quibi

Okay, so I may be one of the only people in the world who actually enjoyed some of the content on this platform. Quibi drew me in with their all-star remake of The Princess Bride. I stayed for their reboot of The Fugitive (which, let’s be honest, was just 24 mini). I laughed at Mapleworth and was a bit confused by Murder House Flip. Like, I was absolutely convinced that was parody, but… apparently not.

Truthfully, I was impressed with some of the talent Quibi’s shows were able to tap. But I was also aware early on that the platform was not thriving. It had been designed for commuters and then launched at the very moment commuting came to a standstill.

Anyway, here I am to bid it farewell. We cancelled our subscription… much later than most people did. Quibi, we hardly knew ye.

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