*Starred items feature homosexual content


The K-Pro

Movie magic in more ways than one
paranormal romantic comedy

lost pieces & things with no place

Short stories and plays

the fall and rise of peter stoller

In 1960’s London, a British spy must choose between love and honor


When Duncan Oliver is kidnapped by the reclusive Milne family, his valet and best friend team up to rescue him
Regency fairy tale fantasy romance


Brynnde has no trouble finding love matches for all her friends, but can she do the same for herself?

Short Stories

Origami of the Heart

Love on White Day in Japan


Two ancient siren sisters are pop stars in a modern world

A good washing and one nice dress

Reimagining of the classic fairy tale “Cinderella”

one night in wildcat woods

In 1989, two teen boys find themselves lost in the woods behind their high school

On Audio

The New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Three stories in the vein of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s originals


Classic Regency romance

Out of Print

The new Sherlock Holmes adventures

Still available on audio

the world ends at five and other stories


“Professor Moriarty and the Demented Detective”

Short story


Originally published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine

Dingbat #4

Emerson College literary magazine that featured stories “A Day in the Life of a Moderately Successful Writer” and “The Snake”

Changers: manifesting destiny

16-year-old Cee has a dragon inside her — literally.


Collected from the original blog: Letters to singer Rob Thomas and the band Matchbox Twenty

Star Signs Operating Manual

An astrological guide to dealing with various zodiac personalities